Go to work in my undies.

So, remember how a while back I was rambling on and on about how it was SO hot in my office every day and I wanted to go to work in my undies or a bikini or something??! WELL! Today I was browsing Spring 2010 runway shows, just to get some inspiration... and look what I found!

Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Dsquared. They knew just what I was talking about!

Its gonna be really easy to get ready for work on Monday. Do you think I can pull it off?


  1. This post made me laugh. I barely want to see myself in underwear, I have trouble believing the rest of my office plus my clients will too. But if you rock it, lady, then go for it ;) Hahahaha

  2. What would have looked ridiculous in March , now makes so much sense on a hot July day...

  3. Ha ha! I utterly love this look, I wish it were more practical!

    Have a brilliant week ahead girlie