Day 11: I am sorry...

This week I am going to make an effort to limit my self to wearing those dang flops only twice. K? AND, I am going to try and get my pic taken OUTSIDE... somehow... at least once or twice as well. I do however, have to wear the flops to walk to work in- but then, I change into these before I get into the office. Or sometimes at my desk. Oh you don't care, do you?

I am ahead of schedule today because I did NOT blow dry my hair. Leaving me time for Monday morning blog fun! The temps in NYC are creeping upward towards 1000, with humidity also at 1000%, which means that I CANNOT create more heat inside my apartment with things like blow dryers and flat irons. So, that means my hair SUCKS and my options are limited to: a.) ponytail, or this new "I am 30, but I look like an 11-year old" option b.) pigtails.

I'm sorry!... Please keep coming back to my blog! Please follow me and tell your friends to follow me! I promise to give you:
Better shoes! Better hair! Better pics not of the inside of my apartment next to my husband's drum cabinet...

Happy Monday everybody!!

Top: Club Monaco
Skirt: Club Monaco
Belt: stolen in the nicest, most Christian way, from my mom's closet, but without any intention whatsoever of returning it to her. Ever.
Shoes: Linea Paolo
Earrings: F21


  1. you look wonderful with pigtails. love your outfit (i wish there was a club monaco near me, that place is amazing.) have a great monday girl & stay cool in this heat!! xoxo

  2. You look great in pigtails, and I agree, when it's already hot - forget the blow dryer! We live in a dry climate now, but when we lived in Minnesota and it was very hot and humid in the summer, it was a waste to blow dry anyway. Like your do wouldn't wilt anyway.

    Love the dress and the belt is perfect - so are flip flops in the summer!

  3. Love the belt, love the pigtails!

    Shoes too!

    And I so know what you mean about the heat. Isn't it funny how even using a blow dryer or your stove makes the whole apartment feel like a furnace? My place is small, so it heats up fast.


    Hope you're having a great Monday in the Big Apple!

  4. love the top and skirt together-like a dress!

  5. You look so good with pigtails!

    I really like this belt. You should never return it to your mom!

  6. I do care!! I like knowing what people wear to and at work.

    Love the belt.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog