Dog Fur

I recently read an article... ok, that's a lie. I read the title of an article... Well actually, I read the title of the article, but I don't actually remember exactly what it was. It basically said "can you be in fashion and still be attractive to men" but since it was a title, it was a lot shorter than that. You know?

For example, please read the following conversation between myself and H, and you will understand.

Viv: I kinda want a fur vest.
H: A fur vest? Like a cave woman? Like dog fur?
Viv: Um, no Hon, like we have see everywhere, in every store window. They are suuuper hot.
H: Looks like a dog. Like a shaggy dog. You will need to brush it.
Viv: (hopeless, blank stare into space)

*Please see below the fur vests that DO NOT look like dog fur, and that, alas, Viv will never have because she loves H.


BB Dakota

Adrienne Landau

Alice & Olivia

No dog fur was used in the making of these vests or this blog post.