Christmas is over. The only good part of that statement is that we no longer have to witness people wearing Holiday themed sweaters and earrings and socks and headbands and other ridiculous attire. Why do you do this to yourselves? Why do you do this to your children? Why do you decorate yourself like a friggin Christmas tree, with tinsel and bobbles and plastic candy canes dangling from your body... Do you want us to also put gifts under your dress as well? Maybe a star or an angel on top of your head? That would be really pretty. Sheesh.
How about, wear normal clothes. Please.

Acceptable Holiday Attire. by Vivianne H. Park
Sweaters: wrap, cardigans, toggle front, bead embellished
Red and white stripes (age 10 and under ONLY)
Fur (faux is acceptable- and please do not throw paint)
Red, Black, Charcoal, Jewel tones, Winter white

Unacceptable Holiday Attire:
Reindeer horns (unless you are yard art)
Holiday jewelry (especially those that flash or repeatedly play Deck The Halls)
Elf suits (unless you are paid to wear one)
Sweaters or sweatshirts with the following scenes:
-wolves in snow, wearing Santa hats.
-Santa in his sleigh soaring through the starry sky, shouting "Ho Ho Ho"
-Family of cats gathered around the table, enjoying a Christmas turkey dinner. That is disgusting, don't you think?
-Santa's ass, squeezing into a fireplace, with presents and soot scattered all about someone's living room.

Please note.
Thanks, and Happy Holidays.


Vivi Loves Shopping: Party Dresses

I have always loved shopping. Ever since I was like... born. My Grammy STILL takes me, yes still, and I am too old for my Grammy to take me shopping. ;)

"Vivi Loves Shopping" will be a reoccurring post of my latest obsession, or whatever I think I need that week... obsession is a pretty strong word. Suggestions are welcome - and if there is something you are shopping for, please let me know! I am happy to help, but if you ask me for my opinion, please know that I will give it honestly!

Party Dresses!
What a great category to begin with. Who doesn't love a party dress for the Holiday season! I wish I could wear a party dress every friggin day of the year though. I am not joking. Not one bit.

While shopping this week, I noticed a few specific trends:
Jewel tones (common for the Holiday season!)
Metallic coloring and embellishment
Asymmetric silhouettes
Full skirts
Back detail

Enough talking. Lets shop.

Antonio Berardi

Halston Heratage

Sass & Bide


Thread Social

Juicy Couture

Each of the above can be found on netaporter and revolve and shipped right to your doorstep, just in time for your Holiday par-tay! Cheers!


A Trainer

Today I saw a woman wearing "scrunchie socks" at the gym. Where does one even purchase scrunchie socks anymore?

I mean, these were the good ones. The really lofty, fluffy kind. They looked GOOD with her high tops.

But I can't rip on her too bad. She was paying for a trainer. Maybe she can pay me to train her socks.


Spider Woman

I was crossing Park Ave, on my way to work the other day. It was the first REALLY cold day so far this winter, so everyone was super bundled up. Before I had even a moment to grab my phone from my bag, I spotted a woman... wearing this!

No, it was not a robber. No it was not an 8 year old boy. It was a woman. A GROWN WOMAN... How could I tell, you ask? Well her blonde curls were flowing from beneath the robber mask, and I could see skinny little legs with hose and HEELS beneath her full length khaki wool coat. Can you imagine this yet?

Well, it gets better... or worse, I mean...?

The robber mask was not black, like the one shown here.

It was bright blue.

With red trim around the eye holes, and mouth hole.

Yes, I tell you. Like Spider Man. Or... Woman...

This lady is walking her khaki-coat-wearing-self, in her pumps and hose to some desk job in Midtown ... where she will enter her office building, only to promptly discard of her Spiderman mask, along with her khaki coat, just in time to hurry to the elevator with some of her coworkers. Doesn't she ever wonder if any of them see her wearing it on the street? Does her face ever get so warm and comfy on her way to work that she forgets to take Spidey off in time ... ?!!

What. The. Hell.


Hats I pretty much hate

Fall is gone. Winter has arrived. Soon I will say a temporary farewell to my toes, fingers and the tips of my ears, as I do every winter.

I don't want to lose my ears permanently, I really like wearing earrings, oh yes, and hearing is also important... so I need a hat. One that is actually warm, so I've been doing some research and some shopping. So far I have only come up with styles that I know I DON'T want.

Please note: If you are the proud owner of any of my "don't want" styles, please do not be offended. These are only my personal choices, and since they are on my "don't want" list, that really means there are more of them available for you!

1.Brooklyn Backofthehead

I hate this hat more than any other hat. They always look like they're about to fall off, I can't imagine how this hat can be warm, or why everyone (guys and girls) think its so attractive when its dangling off the back of their heads!?? I named this style after Brooklyn, I'm convinced that everyone living in Brooklyn has one of these. If you live in Brooklyn, and you DON'T have one, I will be thrilled.

2. Chenille Bucket

There are 2 problems with this style:
Chenille and Bucket.

3. Bobble Top

Finally one that I kind of like! I think the "bobble top" style is cute. Its casual, youthful, fun and definitely warm, especially with the flaps that cover the ears! I think the patterned styles are nice, but I would steer clear of anything with words. Too busy.

4. What the hell is on your head

I know you may like them, especially the beret with the "floral arrangement" on the side, but seriously. Can you imagine what it looks like from the front? I mean, the beret is already lopsided, then you pile on a huge yarn garden and you'll barely be able to hold your head up! Please, just don't...

5. Russian Hottie

These are cute, and your head (ears, neck, forehead, hair, face...etc) will definitely be very warm...its like summer in there! You will also not be able to hear a thing. All winter long.

So, it looks like my search continues... Ah well, there are plenty of cold days left in the year - and LOTS more shopping to do!
Any suggestions for me? Please send!
Requirements: black, (duh), non-ugly (duh), and warm. Thanks!


A Lesson in Leggings

Today's lesson:
A Lesson in Leggings

Leggings can sometimes = pants.

Tights can never = pants.


Geez, finally back.

I have seriously been MIA for the last week! I guess I needed a break- all those photo shoots really wore me out. Oh the life of a model. (ha!)

I think I have pretty much decided that my 30 for 30 has become 30 for 15... which is hardly a challenge at all. Sorry, I am such a failure and a quitter. Its just that I miss my pink shoes, I miss my harem pants, and most of all I miss posting pics of OTHER people's outfits!!

I will still post an outfit pic of myself, here and there, I'm sure. AND I will continue with the Naming of All My Black Dresses project. We have Marcie and Sophie, but there are 9 more to go! I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting for the next one.

But for now, I leave you with this:
And I ask one question...

What. the. hell?

Day 15: Marcie

Well, I failed at my own dang challenge of getting my pic taken somewhere OTHER than inside my apartment. For all you know, I don't have a job or any friends or anything to do outside of these walls- so I just stay in here all day and change outfits, balance my camera on my dresser or my cabinet or desk or wherever and take pics of myself and post them on the Internet... how sad! (and a little weird...) I mean the picture taking part... not the changing my outfit all day long part... (that would be fun- playing dress-up all day).

So, here. H took this pic a few weeks ago in front of our apartment. But I am actually wearing this dress today... as you can see these are different shoes. I was planning to include THESE in the Remix, but like one day into the challenge they friggin broke. Uh. So, anyway... Here I am- OUTSIDE!

AND.... what shall we name this LBD?!?

Marcie. Her name is Marcie.

I will tell you that Marcie and I are a little mad at Michael Kors for his shoes breaking. Because that means I have to wear you know what today! The dreaded silver-ring flops. Dang-it Michael!

Dress: Club Monaco
Shoes: Michael Kors (currently broken. need crazy glue)


Day 14: Something has come over me?


Something has come over me... I am just not myself when I wear this much color. I mean, I did like this look- it was comfortable, but since I wore heels, I didn't feel too casual. Still, for me, too much color.

Maybe its all this single living that's making me a little wacky ... H had better get home soon so I can get back to my normal all-black-wearing-self. 2 more days. I am sure he REALLY has missed taking my pic every day, and he can't wait to get back to that task.

H: if you read my blog (he did once) I miss you!

Tee: Urban
Pants: H&M
Necklace: gift
Shoes: ASH
Hair: actually blow dried and straightened for once this week!


Day 13: Viv= a friggin rainbow

I am a rainbow today! Wow! I really only wear color once in a while- in small amounts. I don't usually wear 2 colors at once! Someone must have spiked my Starbucks.

Please excuse the arm veins below. I can't help it... I've been lifting excessive amounts of weight at the gym lately. I'm up to 12.5 lbs. Can I get a protein shake please?!

Do you like how I am getting a little more adventerous my photo shoots? Today you get to see my couch and part of the kitchen!

Layered tanks: BP
Skirt: H&M
Watch: Diesel
(chain) bracelet: Fossil
Necklace: Urban
Shoes: uhhh
Bag (on the floor): got as a free gift with magazine subscription 2 years ago. I use it to carry stuff to work. For example my change of shoes, umbrella, apples, Nook, and when the temp is not equal to those in the depths of Hell- a cardigan.


Day 12: Sophie

Oh, look who is wearing all black! AGAIN! What a shocker!

I just ran out to get a coffee and I almost asked the coffee-cart man to take my pic, but I didn't. And then I thought about asking someone on the street to take my pic, but I figured if they are on their way to work at 7am, they probably have a presentation to work on or a really important Excel spreadsheet to finish or a department meeting to get to... so I didn't want to bother them. Instead I got my coffee and came home and did my regular ole inside-my-apartment-wearing-all-black-standing-next-to-my-PB-furniture-camera-timer-photo shoot as usual. And to make matters worse, I took a lot of pics!

At least I have yet to wear the dreaded flops this week. If I remember correctly, Kendi said she did not select enough shoes in her last Remix, and she suggested we all include a good amount of shoes... oh, and did Vivianne listen? No, she chose like 88 black dresses instead. On another note, I was thinking of naming my black dresses. I have 11 of them, and since I love them like ... well, a lot... I think I should name them.

Today's dress is short and kinda sassy, but still a classic silhouette. Her name will be...


Ok, Sohie and I are going to work now.

Dress: F21
(strawberry) necklace: BP Nordstrom
(chain) necklace: F21
Shoes: Bass


Day 11: I am sorry...

This week I am going to make an effort to limit my self to wearing those dang flops only twice. K? AND, I am going to try and get my pic taken OUTSIDE... somehow... at least once or twice as well. I do however, have to wear the flops to walk to work in- but then, I change into these before I get into the office. Or sometimes at my desk. Oh you don't care, do you?

I am ahead of schedule today because I did NOT blow dry my hair. Leaving me time for Monday morning blog fun! The temps in NYC are creeping upward towards 1000, with humidity also at 1000%, which means that I CANNOT create more heat inside my apartment with things like blow dryers and flat irons. So, that means my hair SUCKS and my options are limited to: a.) ponytail, or this new "I am 30, but I look like an 11-year old" option b.) pigtails.

I'm sorry!... Please keep coming back to my blog! Please follow me and tell your friends to follow me! I promise to give you:
Better shoes! Better hair! Better pics not of the inside of my apartment next to my husband's drum cabinet...

Happy Monday everybody!!

Top: Club Monaco
Skirt: Club Monaco
Belt: stolen in the nicest, most Christian way, from my mom's closet, but without any intention whatsoever of returning it to her. Ever.
Shoes: Linea Paolo
Earrings: F21


Whaa? (articulate, I know)

Cute, right?

Well, this picture comes to us all at a price. The price of 2 iced coffees at Starbucks, and a very uncomfortable dialogue with a follower. No, not a follower of my blog, or your blogs, or of fashion trends ... The dialogue was with the guy following behind me in line! Please read.

So, I get in line in crowded Starbucks on my lunch break last week, and I notice the girl in front of me has these super cute flats. Working in the garment district lends itself to great stylish- people watching, so I was ready with my camera. I snapped a few pics, but was not paying attention to the line of people developing behind me. (Idiot me- I should have thought of this, and in the future I DO need to be more careful, OR I really should just ask people if I can take their pic- especially if its because I think they look fabulous. Don't you think?)
Well, the guy is wedged into the place, with everyone else, because it is like the size of my kitchen, so of course he sees me take this pic and one of a handbag.

He starts quizzing me about who designed the bag and what season it was from. Whaaa? and Huh? (were 2 of my very articulate replies to his litany of questions)

Now, I was a little confused and caught off guard here, but I really did not understand exactly what happened. Was he
A.) just following me and chatting
B.) quizzing me on my knowledge of handbags
C.) hitting on me by quizzing me on my knowledge of handbags
D.) thirsty and hoping if we talked long enough I would pay for his drink
E.) really curious about the handbag
F.) oblivious to the diamond ring on my left hand, which PS I did not get as a graduation gift, or as a splurge for myself on a cruise, or from a blog giveaway.
G.) all of the above

It really doesn't matter- I got out of there quickly with my drinks, and my pic, and my lesson learned!


30 for 30 Day 10: "work" wear

I had way too much fun at work today.

Just got home from Happy Hour with my coworkers. No, I did not get pushed home in the dolly, although that would have made the walk more fun...

Dress: BP at Nordstrom
Tank: F21
Charm necklace: Urban (the charm says 'Amour' but when I look at it in the mirror, I always read it to myself in my head and think it says 'Aroma'... thought I'd share that with you.
other necklace (turq): gift from a friend
Shoes: friggin sick of them. Yes, I'm sure you are too.

You can see a pic of H on my desk, and a sketch of a pant in the background... Funny. Actually, that is The Pant that I messed up on earlier this week- I should have thrown that sketch away. I'm so glad this week is over.


30 for 30 Day 9: Ruffle it up

How is everybody enjoying the Remixing so far? 2nd week is almost over... I am liking it, however, I am super bored with taking pics inside my apartment, and I am tempted to ask people on the street. "Hey... stranger? Will you take a pic, or like 10- of me, in this outfit? Its for my blog."
What do you guys think of that idea?

Well, at least for today you have to suffer through more shots of me next to my cabinet. Sorry.

I wanted to include a close-up of the ruffles on my shirt, and my earrings. They are the best part of this outfit. Please agree.

Top: Club Monaco
Long shorts: F21
Shoes: ASH
Earrings: Urban

2 more things:
Yesterday's bracelet- forgot to mention- it was from Fossil! I will post a close-up pic next time I wear it. Fossil makes amazing jewelry, as well as apparel. I designed for them for 2 years, and loved it.
Last thing: Thank you to everybody for reading my blog and for all of your sweet comments. This is so much fun and one of the best parts of my day. I just wanted to mention that to you guys! =)
Have a great night!
L, viv


30 for 30 Day 8: White Jeans

Wearing jeans in this humidity is not fun. Or smart. Even if they are white. I mean, they could be any color and they would be equally uncomfortable, obviously, it just seems like lighter colors would be cooler... for some reason. Am I crazy? A little.

Anyway, I rarely wear white jeans. I got these as a give-a-way from work. Perks of designing pants, you know...
Famous blogger - "what shoes am I wearing again?" pose
Please ignore my bangs. They are being punished for being unruly jerks and have been banished to the side of my forehead indefinitely.
I got you a close-up of the detail on my jeans by - it looks like quilting

Well, the good news is that I found a new spot in my apartment that I can set up my personal photo-shoots. Bad news is I cut off my feet in every shot. But I'm sure you can guess what shoes I am wearing.

Tank: F21
Jeans: Miss Sixty
Belt: thrifted
Watch: Diesel
Shoes: the usual


30 for 30 Day 7: Bad Day Dress

Yesterday, I did not post a pic of my outfit because I came home from work and changed into comfy clothes within like 11 seconds of walking in the door. I actually just forgot to take the pic. Oops.

Today, since H is gone... I took my camera to work and my coworker snapped this pic of me at my desk. I have LOTS of work to do, you can't see it, but it is piled all over the place. But still I have plenty of time for a mid-day- photo shoot.

Oh, I do have to tell you this dress is my Bad Day dress. ALMOST every time I wear it, I have a bad day. Today was not terrible, but I did make a mistake on a pant measurement and I hate when I make a mistake at work... I almost cried. Its bad enough that my hair looked like a poof ball cuz of the rain, then if I had cried over the pants, my make-up would have been all terrible looking too. See what I mean? Bad Day Dress.

I probably won't Re mix this one again...

Dress: H&M
Earrings: H&M
Shoes: I forget (random store in Dallas)
Hair, make-up, attitude: hell


DIY: Help me! Tell me what you think!

So, everyone is wearing shorts- especially denim, especially cut-offs. Right? I don't want to be left out of this trend! Even though denim cut-offs don't really blend into my all-black- primarily-Club Monaco-wardrobe-of-dresses-and-skirts... Do you think I can make them work? I want to look sophisticated and not Spring Break 2003. Help me.

(I was totally DIY at 7am this morning... Don't worry 30 for 30 re-mixers, I am not adding these to my 30 items... I'll save them for later. And also, don't worry church, I am not wearing this today.)

What do you think?

Oh also, here is a mini tour of one corner of our apartment.

Tell me what you think of my new shorts please.
I would turn around and ask you to tell me if my butt looks big in them, but I'm not totally crazy. Only like 50- 60%.