Day 12: Sophie

Oh, look who is wearing all black! AGAIN! What a shocker!

I just ran out to get a coffee and I almost asked the coffee-cart man to take my pic, but I didn't. And then I thought about asking someone on the street to take my pic, but I figured if they are on their way to work at 7am, they probably have a presentation to work on or a really important Excel spreadsheet to finish or a department meeting to get to... so I didn't want to bother them. Instead I got my coffee and came home and did my regular ole inside-my-apartment-wearing-all-black-standing-next-to-my-PB-furniture-camera-timer-photo shoot as usual. And to make matters worse, I took a lot of pics!

At least I have yet to wear the dreaded flops this week. If I remember correctly, Kendi said she did not select enough shoes in her last Remix, and she suggested we all include a good amount of shoes... oh, and did Vivianne listen? No, she chose like 88 black dresses instead. On another note, I was thinking of naming my black dresses. I have 11 of them, and since I love them like ... well, a lot... I think I should name them.

Today's dress is short and kinda sassy, but still a classic silhouette. Her name will be...


Ok, Sohie and I are going to work now.

Dress: F21
(strawberry) necklace: BP Nordstrom
(chain) necklace: F21
Shoes: Bass


  1. Hello Sophie. Nice to meet you. :)

    I adore your shoes! And dang you have the prettiest eyes ever. :)

  2. love the outfit...you can never go wrong with black. i really need to find some of those shoes..i need them in my life. xoxo

  3. Love your whole ensemble!

    Sophie...how faaaaaabulous! And the shoes rock!

    Hope you're having a super day at work!

  4. Okay, I have those shoes. I got them for a Halloween costume when I was Rosie the Riveter and I may have been yelled at for paying a little too much for shoes I'd wear once. You totally pull them off every time you wear them. Now I want to be as cool as you, dammit!

    I love Sophie! She looks like something I'd wear A LOT!!

  5. Fabulous dress and oxfords, darling!
    You look amazing!


  6. It's NY after all - black is where it's at. I remember visiting NYC one year and wearing - gasp - pink. It was spring, after all, the rest of the country was moving towards lighter colors. To say I felt awkward is an understatement. Never again. Black.

    Cute necklace and love Sophie.

  7. you can never go wrong with an all-black outfit! and those shoes are just perfect. i'm always scared that if a stranger takes my picture they'll run off with my camera. :P i just enlist the help of my trusty tripod!