30 for 30: Day 3 Pleat Pants

I liked this outfit less and less as the day went on. Just felt boring. Next time I wear these pants, I will style them another way. Any suggestions? I am a bit limited you know...

The shoes got their own pic because I love them. But every time I wear them my feet die a little bit.

RIP feet.

Tank: F21
Pants: H&M
Necklace and belt: Urban
Shoes: Linea Paolo


  1. those pants are awesome! i want a pair like them...

  2. Oh wow, those shoes! With shoes like that, your outfit just can't be boring!

    But sorry for your poor feet.

  3. I think you styled them perfectly! Those red shoes are so cute! Poor feet!

  4. Dead feet in the name of beautiful shoes... sounds about right. :)

  5. Love the pants and the shoes. I am joining the challenge this weekend so thought i would come say hi.
    Daisy Dayz Home