30 for 30: Day 4 Friggin Tired

Don't worry, not tired of this challenge... just tired!

I went to work early yesterday, then worked late last night, which is why I look so ... non-cute... in these pics. I had H take the pics when I got home at like 10pm. Bad idea. Clearly I have not learned my lesson, because I am going to work early again today, and have not taken today's outfit pic yet either. But, I am hoping work will not be a repeat of yesterday... and I will come home this evening looking fresh and happy, and excited for the weekend and it will show on my face- and I'll look as youthful as a teenager!

Tank: H&M
Skirt: Club Monaco
Necklace: F21


  1. You look not so happy to be taking a picture, but still super duper cute! Get some rest please :)

  2. love the outfit. simple and chic. i always love black and white! & you look beauitful! xoxo