DIY: Help me! Tell me what you think!

So, everyone is wearing shorts- especially denim, especially cut-offs. Right? I don't want to be left out of this trend! Even though denim cut-offs don't really blend into my all-black- primarily-Club Monaco-wardrobe-of-dresses-and-skirts... Do you think I can make them work? I want to look sophisticated and not Spring Break 2003. Help me.

(I was totally DIY at 7am this morning... Don't worry 30 for 30 re-mixers, I am not adding these to my 30 items... I'll save them for later. And also, don't worry church, I am not wearing this today.)

What do you think?

Oh also, here is a mini tour of one corner of our apartment.

Tell me what you think of my new shorts please.
I would turn around and ask you to tell me if my butt looks big in them, but I'm not totally crazy. Only like 50- 60%.


  1. I really like your DIY shorts! The lenght is perfect, plus you've got great legs so you should show them!

  2. I think the shorts look great on you. Wear them with pride.


  3. They are adorable! Wear them without fear!

  4. I think the shorts look cute! fianlly got my 30 for 30 items up, first actual outfit tomorrow!
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  5. those shorts are fabulous! the wash is fantastic. i wouldve never guessed they were diy. i tried to do that to a pair of old jeans once and they were so lopsided its not even funny haha

  6. I love your DIY shorts! I tried doing that to one old pair of Gap jeans and let's just say they are no longer wearable.

    Yours look really great with the killer red heels!

  7. Your shorts are the BOMB! Honestly!

    I also love the shoes!!!!!

    And it's funny that you mentioned the mini tour of one corner of your apartment, because I was going to mention how good-looking it is. You've got great taste! I also have hardwood floors in my apartment. Aren't they great???

  8. i love the wash of the shorts--you did a great job! cute tour of the corner of your apt :)

  9. oh my goodness, yes yes YES you should be wearing shorts, you have great legs show them of! And thanks for the mini apartment tour :-)