30 for 30 Day 8: White Jeans

Wearing jeans in this humidity is not fun. Or smart. Even if they are white. I mean, they could be any color and they would be equally uncomfortable, obviously, it just seems like lighter colors would be cooler... for some reason. Am I crazy? A little.

Anyway, I rarely wear white jeans. I got these as a give-a-way from work. Perks of designing pants, you know...
Famous blogger - "what shoes am I wearing again?" pose
Please ignore my bangs. They are being punished for being unruly jerks and have been banished to the side of my forehead indefinitely.
I got you a close-up of the detail on my jeans by - it looks like quilting

Well, the good news is that I found a new spot in my apartment that I can set up my personal photo-shoots. Bad news is I cut off my feet in every shot. But I'm sure you can guess what shoes I am wearing.

Tank: F21
Jeans: Miss Sixty
Belt: thrifted
Watch: Diesel
Shoes: the usual


  1. It's even worse with skinny jeans! (or maybe mine are way too tight. haha!)

    I really like all your bracelets. The one on your right wrist seems amazing. It should get it's own close-up picture!

  2. and the shoes should get a close up too! ;)

  3. Very cute jeans! You're the perfect model for them.

  4. Fabulous jeans! I love that white jeans are so in right now but I'm sad I don't own any. :( Haha. So I'll leave it to you to rock them. :)

  5. Super cute- I'm loving catching up on these 30 for 30 posts! Also, SOO thankful you don't mind having such non-fashionista friends! As much as I love the way good wardrobes look, I can never seem to put together things well myself!!! Sigh...

    Oh, and your July 4th post cracked me up. I'm pretty sure little Maelee's outfit definitely had a flag on it- ha! But it was Ralph Lauren (courtesy of TJ Maxx, oh yeah baby!) and she was just 10 weeks old... so that doesn't count, right??? Lol :)