Day 13: Viv= a friggin rainbow

I am a rainbow today! Wow! I really only wear color once in a while- in small amounts. I don't usually wear 2 colors at once! Someone must have spiked my Starbucks.

Please excuse the arm veins below. I can't help it... I've been lifting excessive amounts of weight at the gym lately. I'm up to 12.5 lbs. Can I get a protein shake please?!

Do you like how I am getting a little more adventerous my photo shoots? Today you get to see my couch and part of the kitchen!

Layered tanks: BP
Skirt: H&M
Watch: Diesel
(chain) bracelet: Fossil
Necklace: Urban
Shoes: uhhh
Bag (on the floor): got as a free gift with magazine subscription 2 years ago. I use it to carry stuff to work. For example my change of shoes, umbrella, apples, Nook, and when the temp is not equal to those in the depths of Hell- a cardigan.


  1. Is that colour I see? Kind of hurts my eyes! ;)

  2. Love the splash of color!

    Even though I predominately wear black, I will sometimes had a bit of color under an opened neck dress shirt. People at work will immediately say, "OMG're wearing COLOR!!!"

    Love the silver beaded bracelet!

  3. From what I've seen of your blog (I looked through most of it) you ARE a rainbow! Thanks for leaving the comment. I'm looking forward to more post.

  4. LOve this look - the pop of yellow is perfect!

    Your comment about my hair was so sweet - it's usually kind of crazy when I let it airdry, but this time it seemed to lay better. It's always a crapshoot! XX