30 for 30 Day 7: Bad Day Dress

Yesterday, I did not post a pic of my outfit because I came home from work and changed into comfy clothes within like 11 seconds of walking in the door. I actually just forgot to take the pic. Oops.

Today, since H is gone... I took my camera to work and my coworker snapped this pic of me at my desk. I have LOTS of work to do, you can't see it, but it is piled all over the place. But still I have plenty of time for a mid-day- photo shoot.

Oh, I do have to tell you this dress is my Bad Day dress. ALMOST every time I wear it, I have a bad day. Today was not terrible, but I did make a mistake on a pant measurement and I hate when I make a mistake at work... I almost cried. Its bad enough that my hair looked like a poof ball cuz of the rain, then if I had cried over the pants, my make-up would have been all terrible looking too. See what I mean? Bad Day Dress.

I probably won't Re mix this one again...

Dress: H&M
Earrings: H&M
Shoes: I forget (random store in Dallas)
Hair, make-up, attitude: hell


  1. hell schmell... you look great friend. Remix Remix... try it again!

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  3. Aww it's so beautiful!! Too bad it's bad luck. :(

  4. that is a great dress, shame it brings you bad luck :-(

  5. i hate stuff like that! i totally have pieces like that in my closet too!