Whaa? (articulate, I know)

Cute, right?

Well, this picture comes to us all at a price. The price of 2 iced coffees at Starbucks, and a very uncomfortable dialogue with a follower. No, not a follower of my blog, or your blogs, or of fashion trends ... The dialogue was with the guy following behind me in line! Please read.

So, I get in line in crowded Starbucks on my lunch break last week, and I notice the girl in front of me has these super cute flats. Working in the garment district lends itself to great stylish- people watching, so I was ready with my camera. I snapped a few pics, but was not paying attention to the line of people developing behind me. (Idiot me- I should have thought of this, and in the future I DO need to be more careful, OR I really should just ask people if I can take their pic- especially if its because I think they look fabulous. Don't you think?)
Well, the guy is wedged into the place, with everyone else, because it is like the size of my kitchen, so of course he sees me take this pic and one of a handbag.

He starts quizzing me about who designed the bag and what season it was from. Whaaa? and Huh? (were 2 of my very articulate replies to his litany of questions)

Now, I was a little confused and caught off guard here, but I really did not understand exactly what happened. Was he
A.) just following me and chatting
B.) quizzing me on my knowledge of handbags
C.) hitting on me by quizzing me on my knowledge of handbags
D.) thirsty and hoping if we talked long enough I would pay for his drink
E.) really curious about the handbag
F.) oblivious to the diamond ring on my left hand, which PS I did not get as a graduation gift, or as a splurge for myself on a cruise, or from a blog giveaway.
G.) all of the above

It really doesn't matter- I got out of there quickly with my drinks, and my pic, and my lesson learned!


  1. You should have asked him for permission to take his picture.

  2. I think...

    E.) really curious about the handbag.

    And being the person that I am, I probably would have come right out and asked him why he was curious. Perhaps he was someone who also worked in fashion or maybe even a design student from Parson's?

    Great shoes, btw!