Skull Heads

So, I haven't been posting any outfit pics lately, and can I tell you why? Yes? Ok, I will. And this is not me complaining, this is just me telling you about my day and about my life... I don't want my blog to be "vivianne-complains-a-lot-dot-com" ok?

Well, I am struggling with my summer attire right now. While the temps in NYC are kind of all over the place- anywhere from 60 to 90... that is not the problem... I don't spend a LOT of time outdoors (shocker, I know) The problem is the soaring temps inside my office! I share an office space with 2 other designers, seemingly normal girls, and yet they apparently have sub-zero body temperatures, even during the month of June, and therefore crank up their space heaters- which then warms our entire room despite any effort of the building's AC unit. They are super sweet, great girls, so I haven't been able to get up the courage to roll them in their desk chairs right out the 12th floor window... We go back and forth very sweetly all day - I ask to turn off the heater, then open the window, then they ask to turn the heater back on... then I die a little, then go into the bathroom, strip down to my bra and undies and try to shove my whole body into the sink to cool off... without getting my hair wet. Duh.

Since I am a designer, I am going to start telling my bosses that bikinis worn as "work attire" are trending- just so I can wear them to the office. Maybe then I won't DIE of heat stroke.

Having said ALL that, this is all I have for you- my necklace... (don't worry, this is not ALL I'm wearing today!) It is PROB my FAVE necklace. My friend Ash got it for me in Mexico, and I always get ... attention when I wear it. Especially when I wear it to church! Um, its fashion! Yall know I love Jesus! So what if I wear skull heads to church! It looked good with my dress!! Sheesh. Love it?!


  1. FAB necklace, Viv!

    I LOVE IT!

    A dear blogging friend of mine has an Esty Shop where she sells items just like this. She makes everything herself.

    Yeah...don't ya just love those people who use space heaters at work in the summer??? Totally blows me away because I can't stand being hot.

    Can't wait for Fall, already.

  2. Eeek! That doesn't sound like fun. How can people get cold in the summer??? I don't get it.

    Great necklace :)

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  3. Love the necklace!! The space heater thing made me queasy, though!