What's In There??

How many times has someone looked at your handbag and asked "what the heck are you carrying in there?!" Men, especially, wonder why are our bags so big, as if we are toting around a baby grand piano or something...? Well, if we needing to, we would, right? We just need, or might need, a lot of stuff!! I used to carry a MUCH larger handbag. It... she, Cynthia, is gorgeous, but I complained of my back hurting so often that H bought me a new, smaller bag. Its much easier and more practical to use a small bag around the city. While I miss Cynthia, especially when I need to do a shoe-switch mid-day, I don't miss the back pain she caused me. Meet Marc.

You can see from the contents, or lack of contents, I am kind of a minimalist. There is no way, even if I wore a size 5, Marc could carry my shoes... right?

I got the idea for this post from my blog buddy Fashion Butter. Why is it fun to see what other girls have in their bags? I don't know, but it its.

Gum, chap stick, lip gloss, lip shimmer stuff (Burt's Bees), red lip stick (Mac) - I don't wear any of this except for the chap stick... Not sure why I keep carrying it around... Advil bottle, contains mostly Advil.

Blackberry, pen, pencil, apartment keys (with card for gym, library, drug store and grocery store), 51 cents (don't be jealous), zip drive, various cards and drivers license (even though I hope I never have to drive here, and if you live here you should also hope I never drive here.)

Wasn't that fun? At lease we didn't find any trash or crumbs or dead bugs.
Thanks for the idea Fashion Butter!


  1. GREAT post!

    A very good blogging friend of mine did a "What's in My Purse" post a few years ago and I LOVED it!

    It's so interesting to see all the different things women carry in her purses.

    You're so organized and neat! You should see my man bag! OMG...I have so much in it, JUST IN CASE I NEED IT. I have like THREE lip balms and 7,000 pens!

    I smiled when I saw your Metro Card because I still have one in my wallet that I used the last time I was in NYC.

    Like your Marc bag!

  2. 1. Thanks for the shout, girl!

    2. Love your purse, BTW.

    3. "I don't wear any of this except for the chap stick..." right?!?!?!? love this line