BACKpack madness

I see this FAR too often.

I only see it on WOMEN. Why. Why are you wearing your BACKpack on your front? Do you think New York is that dangerous? Really? Guess what. IT ISN'T!!

This looks so silly.

Unless you are in Jr. High, please PLEASE do not wear your BACKpack in the front. (if you MUST wear a BACKpack at all, dear Lord, must you?), it is in fact called a BACKpack.


  1. I SOOOOOOOOO agree with you, Viv!

    They look like baby carriers!

    And you're right...NYC is not that dangerous. I actually feel more endangered in Philly.

  2. Crazy.

    Fact is, I HAD a baby Bjorn carrier that was to be worn on the front and I couldn't even do THAT. :-)