Monday Man-day

Good Morning!

Although I am not thrilled about it being Monday, I am happy about the temp in NYC being below 1000 this morning. Geez. For a few weeks there I thought I was back in Texas!

I am also happy to post these pics! Yes, friends it is Man-day!

Caught this pic yesterday while waiting (FOREVER) for the subway. Love the mix of dressy and casual...

Yesterday was my baby brother's Bday, so I am posting this pic of him. I am so proud to say he is my brother- He has great style, some of which is my influence (I made the shirt he's wearing) and some that is all his own. He is charming, funny, talented and I am so excited to have him living in NYC now!

Happy Bday Ty! Are you still coming over for dinner? Love you.


  1. I'm TOTALLY impressed that you made the shirt your brother is wearing!

    Way to go, Viv!

    Happy Birthday Ty!

    OMG...aren't you glad for the drop in temps? I heard that here in the northeast, it's supposed to be in the 70's all week - YAY!!!

    Great shot of the subway. I love the subways in NYC. It's the most organized pandemonium I've ever experienced.

  2. hear hear on the subway shot--totally cute!

  3. Your bro looks like a hoot. Don't you adore the sisterly-love-expression on his face?? Happy Birthday, Ty!

    Gorgeous day today, right?? We SO deserve it...whatever happened to a spring with temps in the mid 60's?? I must've missed the memo....

  4. Happy Birthday, Ty! I love you, VIvvy-wivvy-woo-woo :)

  5. It looks to me like a whole family of talented, soulful people. Love your Dad's blog, too.

  6. Thanks for the bday wishes to my bro, everybody. So sweet. I love blog-world.