NEW on Broadway! (no not that Broadway...)

This week, along Broadway, in the heart of the Fashion district, some new and ever-so-lovely statues were unveiled. Apparently they are just temporary, but I kinda wish we could keep them. You see, my office is one block from here- I come here on my lunch hour ... its a sitting area in the middle of the road where they decided to put a bunch of tables and chairs, and now glamorous statues. I like it. The statues are sponsored by companies in the area and dressed by their designers- if I understood correctly.
When I first saw them, my thought was- OOH, I should challenge myself to dress like each one and blog about it. Then I came to my senses. "Um, Viv, have you SEEN your own closet? All you have is black." So, that idea is out. Besides, as if I could paint myself pink. seriously. Instead, I am just going to post pics for you.

Somehow, people eating their lunch, whilst looking at the ASS of the statue is a little... I don't know... INAPPROPRIATE?

She isn't posing for me.

They're not real, dude.

See, none of these would work in all black. Not at all. Not that I would mind wearing a sign on my head.... I do love this part of the city.


  1. I totally get checking out the statute's ass. Have you ever been to Corpus Christy and seen the Selena statute? They made it life size, and baby had back. I took an entire roll of film with the statue. Half of it with her ass.

    I would like to add, for the record, I really, really like Selena even though I don't understand the Espanol and have nary a clue what she was singing about.

  2. Ahhhh...ya see, THIS is what I LOVE about NYC so much.

    Creative stuff like this!

    How faaaaaaabulous!

    I really love the 5th one down (with the bricks). Not sure how heavy that one would be to wear, but it's brilliant!

    Love your photo captions, Viv!

  3. Your comment on my blog made me laugh. Now put your damn email in your profile (or in settings) so I can talk to your sorry ass directly!

  4. haah that made me laugh!


  5. Oh, I haven't seen those yet! Must get myself over to the Fashion district it seems!