I really am glad Summer is here.

Now that you're no longer all bundled in layer upon layer of wooly mammoth sweaters and puffy coats that look like sleeping bags, more of you is ….exposed. Obviously this happens as the temperature rises, and in most cases it is refreshing to see people dressing brighter colors and lightweight fabrics. Heavy layers are shed for shorter skirts, cropped pants and frilly tops... and oh Sweet Lord. What is left?

I just might have to jab out my eyes. VPL. Many of you know what I'm talking about, and for those who do, I'm thankful, because you're probably not contributing to this fashion faux pas. I'm targeting this blog to those of you who have either never heard of VPL or worse yet, know what it is, but think you don't have it. I'm talking about visible panty line.

If you are wearing pants or jeans that are fitted to your bum bum, there had better not be more than one … equator. If there is, you need to be wearing a thong. Don't tell me thongs are uncomfortable and the creep up all day long, puh-leez, they take like 11 seconds to get used to, and then you forget that they are up your butt at all. Go get a thong right now and put it on. Everyone who checks you out from behind will be glad you made this decision, I promise. YPL is the worst thing you can do to your fanny, to your overall style, and to mankind.

My eyeballs thank you.


  1. Bless you. Bless you from the depths of my soul for posting this. VPL must be stopped-preferably sooner rather than later!

  2. Good luck, doll. I can't count the number of VPLs I see on a daily basis. Evidently, no-one looks at themselves from behind anymore...and they assume that no-one's ever gonna be back there.