I am sure you've all been missing Man-day Monday, right? Well I have not forgotten about it, I simply have not seen any hot and super stylish men to snap shots of! WHERE ARE YOU!? I hope you are hiding in the fitting rooms at Bloomingdale's buying your amazing new summer wardrobe or something, because you are not out on the streets looking awesome.

Men, (or ladies who buy clothes for their men), if you're looking for inspiration for how to dress in the heat of the summer months and still be really gorgeous and not all sweaty and boring in a giant tank top from Old Navy- check out mensflair.com.

Below are pics from mensflair. These are great pieces that are stylish and fashion forward - bringing sophistication to any guy's summer wardrobe.

A pocket square is great for any season. It can work in addition to, or in place of a tie to add a touch of color and texture to a suit.

This shade of blue is so HOT this Spring and Summer. If you're not already wearing it, you should start now. I don't blame you if you want to skip the blue shoes though... Also go get some aviators. (True aviator sunglasses have the bar across the top of the bridge of your nose.)

I know, I know... you couldn't possible wear one of these... the point is to be INSPIRED... maybe not a neckerchief... couldn't you see yourself in a summer scarf though?

Love these, super classy, and they look great with casual or more dressed up attire.

These are great shoes. Timeless.

I don't care if you (guys) drink Naty Lite beer and have a bottle opener on your key chain. If you have elements of sophistication in clothing, you'll get major points with ladies. Good shoes are MAJOR POINTS.

Now, I since I know we can't all afford to wear Gucci, here are some affordable alternatives.


  1. I didn't even realize you did a Man-day Monday - how COOL!

    And I love the title!

    That jacket in the first photo is FAAAAABULOUS!

    I will definitely check out your links.


  2. what a nice shoes...........