FINISH getting ready FIRST

What is it that she HAD to leave the house for, I wonder...

Let's see what the Panel thinks about this look, shall we?

V: Tim, what do you think of this young lady walking down the street with giant curlers all over her head?
TG: Oh Dear gawd. Dreadful. Ladies! FINISH getting ready BEFORE leaving the house!
V: Stacy?
SL: Are those beer cans?
CK: Actually, I think they are paint cans.
Viv: Anna? ...Anna??
Anna is sheilding her eyes.

I don't blame you, Anna. While I thought this was funny, I hope, HOPE, this girl ended up looking SUPER cute once she removed the paint cans.... plus, nobody will notice the 2-tone jeans when the curls are in full swing! However, I must agree with Tim. We all want to see the finished product- not the work in progress. Of course there are those days when you finish putting on your mascara while on the bus or in your car... but if that kind of thing is happening all the time, I think it compromises your overall style. Imagine if you showed up to work in pajama pants because you "didn't have time to finish getting ready- isn't that the same?" (Uhhhh pretty much.) You get my point.

1 comment:

  1. Viv: Please stop following me around and taking pictures.
    Maybe she was going to a wedding or maybe it was her wedding.
    No really, if this was me I would feel the need to carry or wear a sign that stated the reason for this beer can look. I'm thinking the trend probably isn't going to catch on. :)