Look-a-Like Lovers

Have you ever noticed couples dressing like each other? I'm not talking about people who are on vacay in NYC, or other touristy places. They are equipped with backpacks and maps and are afraid they're going to get separated from one another, so they dress IDENTICAL so they can spot each other while making their way through the chaos of Times Square or Grand Central or pretty much anywhere that has more than 6 people... meet The Greens. You can barely even see Mrs. Green because Mr. Green is hovering so close to her. I'm pretty sure they are using one of those kiddie leashes that parents use for their wild children.

I was really talking about couples dressing alike, but not TWINSY. You know? Check out Mr. and Mrs. Spring-time Neutrals. Don't they look sweet?

Or the Nauticals? Cute, huh? I think their plaids really compliment each other.

I caught this pic of Mr. and Mr. Bright-Polo having a Sunday coffee. I'm pretty sure they have no idea how close to twinsy they are...

H and I would fit into this match-y match-y group, because we both only wear black. (If you are new or have forgotten why his name is H, it is not short for Husband, or Him, or He, or How-the-hell-did-I-end-up-married-to-this-guy, you can read where it came from here.) Unfortunately for you, me, (I don't know who) I don't have permission to post a pic of him, but you can see a pic of us on my Dad's blog. He posted one without asking any one's permission, but he can do that because he is my Dad.


  1. No pics of him? Tell him it could be worse than that- there's a video of my husband dancing to NKOTB on my blog. LOL

  2. OMG...I had NO IDEA that Expat was your father?!?!?! What a wonderful man he is! Like father like daughter!

    This post was brilliant! I never noticed what you shared about couples dressing alike, but you're so right! How perceptive of you, Viv!

  3. Shell, that is HILARIOUS! H has been impersonating Bret Michaels early 80's Poison moves lately, wouldn't that be great to have on video... no chance in hell though. =)

    Ron, I am super proud of my old Dadman- the apple doesn't fall far from the tree I guess. He is awesome.