This is how I do color

I don't wear color. I only wear black. HH only wears black. We share a closet, a compact, but very well organized sea of black fabric- in only slightly varied shades, of course. Its difficult to decipher where his clothes end and mine begin. But, we manage. Most of the time. I told you all how I came to give him the name HH (Howard Hughes) and it is because he is so flexible and laid-back... ;) he he. Well, one time I used one of his multi-level pant hangers without telling him... (you know the kind I'm talking about? With 3 or 4 parallel bars across?) and I hung a pair of black dress pants on it. I rarely wore them and forgot about them for several months. HH put them on the other day by mistake. He freaked out for about 3 minutes, thinking he'd suddenly gained 10 lbs, until he realized that they were mine. I had to try them on IMMEDIATELY so that we were sure they were mine, and then IMMEDIATELY put them on MY OWN hanger on MY OWN side of the closet. It really is better this way- my things separate. Otherwise, I would have had to change his nickname. I love that guy.

Back to the POINT. Wearing black. My wardrobe is all black, black/white, black/grey, and a little teeny bit of navy. I dress like this because when I wear all black I feel most like ME. If I were to wear pink, or some floral print, I would feel weird. I would be in a bad mood, most likely. Its not worth it, clothes are supposed to make you happy. Here is my attempt at color since it IS Spring...

PS- I am pretty sure, the only day of the week I will be able to get a pic of my whole outfit for you all is Sunday. HH is just not into it. I took this my own self and I made a collage. Hope you like.


  1. I too am a black wearer. Or gray. I also like white shirts or t's....but you will never find me in red. Or pink. Or orange. I just can't. It doesn't feel 'right' on me.

    I jsut picked up a job at J.Crew doing their visuals. They expect me to wear their clothes while working and everything is floral, bright and ruffle-y this spring.

    I think I might die.
    Please send help.

  2. I think you and HH should both buy His and Hers drinking shirts. And I don't mean black ones. EFH

  3. Good for you! I wear a lot of black, too. I was actually thinking of challenging myself next week to wear anything BUT black. It's going to be so hard.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads