Fashion VS Function

I learned after moving to New York that people here dress for function as much as they dress for fashion... Yes, wearing all black looks cool, but it also doesn't show dirt or wear, and uh, you all did see the garbage piles right? We are OUT, walking in our city so much, our clothing gets dirty- it just makes sense to wear dark clothes! It gets worn out from the elements faster!
What about layering? Hello... We have to layer, not just cuz its cute and trendy, but because we are walking to work when its 50 outside and we need a jacket. We are taking our lunch break when its 60 and we just need our cardigan and top- and then when we're waking home we have our sleeves rolled up and its 68... See? Function.
Or how about jeans tucked into boots? Duh, of course this looks cool, but when you're walking 15 blocks in the rain, you HAVE to do this! WE do not have the luxury of walking from the kitchen to the garage and to the car, driving through the rain, and then wearing the boots with the jeans tucked into them, into the office. We look like this for a purpose!
I have so many of these, but I will only talk about one more. My favorite. LEG WARMERS... I know, its summer now. But this is my absolute fave. I only really came to love leg warmers last winter because that was my first winter here and I thought it would be my last winter on Earth. I only actually survived because of Leg Warmers. Dancers wore them, I dunno, like forever ago, over their tights, to keep their muscles warm or something. (I think I may have just made that up.) But oh my gosh, they are so warm when you wear them over tights or even jeans and pull them up over your knees. They started trending again a few years ago, but honestly I don't know why they ever went away... as long as I live here, I won't stop wearing them. In the winter. Obviously.

So, that is your Fashion lesson for the day.

Guess what! I actually got my pic taken on Sunday morning before church and I think my look illustrates my "all black" and "layering" points pretty well. If it doesn't, who cares. I like this outfit. HH called me "Hammer" all day though. Whatever.