Runway to RTW

I found this pic from a runway show and loved it. But, how many times have you watched a runway show and said to yourself or your friend "Ok, who actually dresses like that?" Like 100, right? I KNOW! Nobody dresses like that. That is why they created Ready-To-Wear. We love RTW because we are normal girls who wear normal clothes, not runway clothes. In our dreams and fantasies we can imagine ourselves wearing runway clothes, but they are really only appropriate on the runway, and most of us actually have to go to our jobs and the store and the bank and stuff....

Some girls are drunk and high when they are getting dressed and still try to look like they got ready back stage of a runway show, which is stupid. Oh, I dunno, how about putting in effort, but still looking natural?! Weirdos. If you tell someone that you got your dress at a Costume shop, that is your first problem, ok?

RTW is clothing from the runway altered so that real people can wear it. OBviously my tutu skirt is NOT off the runway, its from Urban Outfitters. I was just inspired to wear it and style it and write this blog from the runway shot of this tutu dress!
Get it?


  1. I love the tutu. I do look at the runway shows and think - where the hell would one wear that? I assume I know nothing about fashion, which I don't.

    But, that tutu. Most fun.

  2. your tutu skirt is very cute:)

  3. Love your skirt and your runway inspiration!


  4. Your super duper cool Viv! I love the skirt... do you want to go to the ballet?