LBD #3 and an example of why I am not a model

LBD #3. This is why I am neither a model, nor a photographer. HH is still at church, so I am forced to take my own pics today. I want to hurry and change out of this dress because it is like a million degrees in NYC today. I was feeling crabby earlier, but nothing a photo shoot couldn't cure. I hope you enjoy.

This dress is from H&M, and the shoes are Naughty Monkey, one of my VERY favorite brands. Wearing 5" heels in NYC is kind of a hazard. So, of course I wore flats most of the way to church and changed into theses bad-boys when we were only half a block away. They are cute, but not worth breaking an ankle over.
Oh where is Vivianne? Well, she couldn't make it today, she totally busted it on the sidewalk. Yeah, but did you see her shoes as she was laying there all mangled? Um, hell yeah I did, they were friggn awesome.


  1. Love your dress and heels, darling!
    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!


  2. Another flawless black dress, Viv!

    LOVE it! I like the material. And the shoes - to die for!

    H&M has the best stuff, doesnt't it? And very reasonably priced, too.

    Yeah, it's been a hot day in Philly too. I'm so NOT a summer person. Makes me VERY crabb - HA!

    Enjoy your Memorial Day!

    And please say hello to NY for me!

  3. Your shoes are AMAZING! What a fun series! I am trying to do more posts such as these. I love your outfits! xo