LBD #2

LBD Day #2. This dress is simple and easy for Saturday. The perfect example of what an LBD should be: basic enough that you can wear it casual, or dress it up with accessories for a night out. The silhouette is typically short and the styling and details are minimal, so that it won't go out of style quickly. Although it may not be necessary to have so many LBD, because they are so versatile, it is damn fun. Right?

Coco Chanel is credited for "inventing" the LBD in the 1920's. Every woman should have a little black dress. One that makes her feel sexy, confident, elegant.... and also skinny. One that transitions from day to evening, from season to season and even from year to year. How many do you have?
How many does Vivianne have?
A. 11
B. 4
C. 6

HH is really getting good at this photography thing... although he did chop off the top of my head in one shot. He said it looked "artsy", I did not agree. Of course it was also his idea for me to hold the Calculus book in the last pic.

And now some LBD shopping... All these are from Revolve, one of my fave online shopping destinations. Enjoy!

Black Halo
James Perse
Literature Noir
See By Chloe
Hope you love them all!
See you tomorrow... I wonder what I will wear...!


  1. I adore all the dresses you showcased! You have wonderful taste. My daughter is doing much the same thing on her blog: Lost In Translation only from Portland, OR.

  2. Yeah, but do you have a drinking shirt? EFH

  3. All my shirts are drinking shirts... (drinking dresses, I mean.) The Apple doesn't fall far from the Tree.