Print Mix Up

I am not the best at mixing prints... I wish I were better. Some of my blog friends are so good at it, I am jelly of them, and I look at their pics with such admiration, hoping to be inspired. But, since most of my clothes are solid black, there really isn't a lot to mix. So wtf. And when I say wtf, you all must know that I am saying wt freak, ok, I do knot use the eff word. =) ANYway, This weekend I have been taking pics of people who also have trouble mixing their prints. There is a very fine line between Print Mix Pretty and Print Mix Poopy. K? Beware.

See below Hat Lady. While I love her hat, the rest of the ensemble is not working out. Skirt= cute, and I understand what she was shooting for, but the stripe + the texture in the ruffle is too much for the busy print of the skirt. Also the sky blue in her top is not a match. She needs a solid or a flat-non texture to tone down the look. When mixing prints we need to mix colors of the same shade or complimentary shades. Am I right? I can imagine this look working if her top had been a solid white, off white or even soft pink. Can you see it? What do you think?

Next: Yellow Geo. I'm curious what you all think. Maybe if the print of the skirt was a larger scale it would work, and if the skirt were A LOT shorter. There is just too much skirt coverage. She almost had it!

And finally, a look that really works! Sorry you can't see it well, but the colors work well together and the proportions are all right. Pale yellow stripes combined with soft blue-grey, with vintage shades together in a floral print... Love the shoes too. The dark belt really completes the look, don't you think?

So glad we end on a positive note right? AND get ready for Man-day Monday tomorrow! I have pics of some very nicely dressed MEN for you!! Look forward to it.

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  1. Stumbled on your site yesterday and really enjoyed browsing! I agree that last outfit works really well. I think it's somewhat because the top, although a stripe, almost becomes a solid next to the skirt and really does the job! That first outfit... priceless.