Monday Man-day

That means on Monday I will write about Men's style. Ok, maybe not every Monday, but at least some Mondays.

So today I was in Herald Square, trying to snap some candid shots of men that were walking by - and what did I see? A dude HOLDING a friggin pigeon! No, the pigeon was not hurt or in need of someone to carry it around... this guy just snatched it up and was holding it and the poor bird was trying to flap and flap and get away from the weirdo. Can you imagine? I was too shocked to get HIS pic- sorry. Fortunately, he let the poor thing go. Like 100 feathers scattered all over the place and the guy just walked off like huh huh... the poor bird is probably traumatized for its entire lifetime. We all just stared at the guy. Still, I did not take his pic. His outfit sucked. I do remember that.

This guy's outfit does not suck. He looks quite stylish. Although I am normally not a fan of mixing black and brown, he is pulling it off very well. Extra points for the chic shades and the cuffed jeans, right?


  1. I like the shades and the cuffed jeans :)
    Hope you're having a lovely day!

  2. well, he is nice, and the look is ok, only the pants...i don't like, at least not on him ;)