Mother's Day

So, I know Mother's Day is coming up- I don't actually know exactly when it is... next Sunday? Shoot. I need to know this information. Fortunately, my Mother lives in Dallas, and she isn't expecting anything from me, other than a phone call. But the approaching day made me think of her, and some other mothers that I wanted to give a shout out... NO, I don't give "shout outs"- I am not a hip hop radio DJ.... I wanted to give recognition to!

Of course I am giving recognition with regard to these Mom's STYLE! What else would I write about? Mothering skills? I don't know anything about being a mom- Please. I don't have a clue about formula or diapers or nap time or teething. I know about birth control, ok? Every kind. Anyway, my 2 best Mom friends here in the city are Heather (mentioned last week) and Deandra. Both have babies, age 2 and under, both staying at home to raise them while their husbands work full time outside the home! NEITHER of them pushing their strollers around the city in their gym clothes or velour lounge sets to meet their friend Vivianne for coffee! Now before you start posting comments like "O Dear Viv, you have no idea what its like to have a baby and try to put together a cute outfit! You are right! But when I see women doing it- actually having a baby AND putting together cute outfits- I know it is possible! Heather and D both wear ACTUAL stylish outfits, complete with accessories and styled hair each time I meet up with them- which is on a very regular basis. So don't think this is just a special occasion that they get out of the house and have a Girls' Mimosa Brunch and get spiffed up or something. I know it can't be an easy thing to do... Where the heck is the kid when they are showering and getting dressed? In a play-pin? Crib? Box? I don't friggin know! Hell- he's somewhere long enough for them to get cute, and I am damn proud of them for making it happen.

The other Mother I want to recognize is, of course my own. Last time I saw her was a few months ago, when I was in Dallas for a visit. I noticed how she had really improved her look, and I had to pay her some serious compliments! She was getting all cute every day, even when she didn't have anything to do except run errands or wash dishes ... I mean, cute shoes, cute jeans, shirt, cardigan, hair done, make up done (and no coral lipstick either!) ... Wow Mom! She was really making and effort and looking super hot. My mom has always understood great fashion and knows how to dress, when she decides to put in the effort. Her style is unique. She hasn't cared much for trends, but there is nothing wrong with that- sometimes it is more important to wear good quality clothing that fits your body and your taste. I definitely learned my sense style from her, and I am grateful for that. I learned to express myself with what I wear from my mom. (Who do you think got me to wear Saddle Oxfords in Kindergarten!?) I am proud of her for the way she makes looking good a priority. I know she is looking good for my Dad and for her self - I think she is wise, and such a great example- I am lucky to have her.

If I could also be so lucky as to win the uber-awesome Flat Iron that my blogger buddy Elaine is holding a give-away for .... I might give my mom back the one I took from her like 5 years ago. Now, wouldn't that be a nice Mother's Day surprise!?
(do you really think I'd give her the one from the give-away?)

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