I knew I would see this, sooner or later... Crocs. Friggin Crocs. I hate them. I hate them SO bad. It was worse a few years back, when they first flooded the universe! But, apparently they're still around... I guess, now that its getting warmer they're coming out again. Clearly, this is a tourist wearing them, which does not make it any better. Unless you are a DOCTOR or a TODDLER, PLEASE, DO NOT WEAR CROCS.

Oh, how bout we ask my Panel of Judges how they feel about Crocs, shall we? This will be fun.

V: Tim? What do you think of Crocs?
TG: Dreadful. Utterly dreadful. I don't want them in my presence. I think the box they come in is more attractive.
V: Stacy? Crocs? Hello... Stacy?
SL: (silence)
V: Clinton?
CK: (silence)
V: apparently Stacy and Clinton are still at Saturday morning brunch having mimosas. They probably heard I was going to ask them about Crocs and they kept drinking.
V: Anna, what do you think about Crocs?
AW: No answer.
V: Anna Wintour doesn't know what Crocs are, ok, that's how bad they are.

End of discussion. Please never wear Crocs. And if you see this guy, tell him.


  1. When our civilization is gone and reduced to fossils in the earth, some archaeologist is going to dig up some Crocs that will be perfectly preserved. He/she will then create a whole civilization around this discovery. Wonder what they'll call it? EFH

  2. The only time I liked Crocs was when they first came out.
    NO....I didn't LIKE them to wear them, but I liked them because I bought stock in the company since everyone had them on. It went from $4 a share to $56 a share. I sold the stock and bought some fierce black boots.

  3. NICE going f8!! Crocs= ew Black boots= so sexy!

  4. I hate Crocs. Friends who wear them say "They're so comfortable."

    1) I can't imagine that plastic shoes are comfortable.

    2) Who cares if they are comfortable? They're god-awful ugly.

  5. i hate crocs too! give me your husbands email and ill email him a link to the marc jacobs bag! LOL

  6. V: Deandra, what do you think of crocs?
    D: You mean crocodiles or alligators?
    V: No, silly, I mean the shoes?
    D. Oh gross, I like the animal better. I think we should let people who wear crocs, wear them in a crocodile infested pond. That would be cool.
    V: What about chefs who wear them?
    D. Chef Batalie wears orange ones, I'm not sure why but it's his thing. I don't like them, but I'll still eat at his restaurant.
    V: Thanks for the insight.
    D: You're very welcome. :)