Size Matters

So many times, when I tell someone I work in Fashion, they feel they need to tell me, as some kind of disclaimer or something, that "they have no sense of style." So that, maybe, if they say that, I won't make fun of what they're wearing inside my head, or I won't judge them with my super fabulous fashionable friends. As if I only wear things that are hot off the runway or something. Um, no. People need to know that "Style" is much more attainable than they think.

The biggest mistake I see people.... ok, women, making, and the only one I am going to discuss - today, is fit. Why do women wear clothes that don't fit them? I admit, I have been guilty of this in the past, but have learned that wearing MY size makes a HUGE difference in how the clothes look on you, and how they look together!

Where should I even begin? I'll start at the top and work down I guess.

Tops: If your shirt is so tight that it is gaping open between the buttons, even slightly- it is too small. If it is riding up, let's say, on your tummy?, or anywhere that you don't want to draw attention. Or if it is "stretching", say, across your back?, and it is a woven fabric (not meant to stretch) - it is too small. If it is SQUEEZING your arms, and you are not about to give blood- it is too small. If it is not covering (at least) the waistband of your pants- it is too small. Unless you are 18, and you want to show your midriff, or it is a bikini top. Somehow, I rarely see women making the mistake of wearing shirts that are too large.... hmmm. Weird.

Next, pants/jeans. We should all know what size jeans we wear. Good quality jeans are sized by the waist measurement. Find out what yours is. Hello.
Unless you are wearing "boyfriend jeans" they should fit snug, and show your curves. When you buy them, if they don't fit you everywhere- have them friggin tailored! That is what tailors are for! If the crotch of the jeans is not near your actual crotch- they are too big! If the thigh and butt of the jeans are not ON your actual thighs and butt- they are too big! When trying on jeans, pay attention to those areas first. Everything else is easy to fix.
So, once your jeans are ON your body, (thighs, butt, crotch- geez), if they do not fit you in the waist, you can have that tailored. Nobody wants to see your thong and especially not your butt crack. Please. Please!
Also, since you are now wearing your jeans properly, if you are NOT wearing a thong, I urge you to... we also do not want to see your panty line through your jeans. VPL is in very bad taste and poor style.
Moving on down. If you are wearing a heel, you jeans/pants should only hover above the ground 1-2"... more than that and they are I will be staring at you thinking things in my head. That may seem long to you, and you may wonder, uh, what do I do with them when I wear flats. And my response is, cuff them. Easy.

Fit, as it relates to shoes, is also important. If I see another set of Bear Claw toes hanging over the edges of a sandal, I am just gonna barf. Seriously. Wear shoes that fit you. You'll be much more comfortable and much cuter. Limping around all day because your shoes are too small is not stylish. And a big gap in the back or front of your shoe,( that you need to fill with tissue, just so you can walk), is worse than stuffing your bra. Don't do it.

Of course I cannot teach people how to have fashion sense, but anyone can wear clothes that fit them. Everyone should.

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