Tight Pants (I forgot)

AH! How could I forget, quite possibly the most important area... "Too Small Pants." Once I actually have Readers, who post Comments, you will come in very handy- and you will say things like "Vivianne! What about "Too Small Pants!?" or, How do we know if our pants are too small!"... And I will respond with "Great question Readers!!" And I will be so thrilled to have all of you. =)
Now. For the answer:
If your tummy hangs over AT ALL- your pants are too small. If you struggle to breathe, sit, walk, bend, or your digestion is compromised- your pants are too small. In jeans especially, if you have that second crease about 4" below your butt crease, on the back of your thigh... that tells us all that you may have jumped off the roof of your house to get into these jeans, and they are too small. The truth is, these jeans are just barely too small, so wear them around your house a bit and stretch them out, then wear them in public where we (I) won't make fun of you and your thigh crease. K?
There is nothing wrong with wearing tight jeans! Our husbands and boyfriends really like it. They shouldn't be so tight that we can't move though. Sheesh, common sense, friends. They should be just tight enough that you don't want to eat things you shouldn't be eating- so that you can still get into these jeans next weekend. Got it? (scones, pizza, cheetos, fries - you know)

Also, if your jeans don't reach the bottom of your leg- hello, TOO SMALL. And don't tell me they are capris. No they are not. I told you in my last post how long they are supposed to be. Too short pants = bad style.

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