Is that even a word? I don't know. Well, if it isn't, who cares. This is my blog, and I want to title it "Appropriateness."

Good style has a lot to do with dressing appropriate for the occasion. If you are not sure what is appropriate - too dressed-up is always, ALWAYS better than too casual. Seriously girls, didn't your mothers tell you this?

So, I could give like 100 examples of what not wear to specific places. But I am only going to give a few. Right now, at least... I'll probably come back to this topic, as I see people dressing inappropriately all over the friggin place.

Today I am going to talk about CHURCH.
While we are all fully accepted and loved by the Lord, and we should "come as we are" we should NOT come to church in the following garments:
Track pants (um, did you sleep in them? or did the Sunday morning cartoons go longer than you thought and you didn't have time to change?)
T- Shirts (I am not talking about cute Tees with graphics, I'm talking about oversized T-shirts with sponsors or names of stores. T-shirts that you would wear to paint or pull weeds.)
Gym shoes (did you run a 10K to get to church? Seriously, save your gym shoes for the GYM, or the park, or the track, or the friggin basketball court! If you are wearing gym shoes, I just wonder what you are wearing them WITH... if it is gym-attire, then that is also inappropriate. If it is not gym-attire outfit, then that is weird, probably hideous, and definitely not right for church.)
Boobie shirts (do I really need to explain this one? I know God created them, but could you just keep them put away till you get home? It can be distracting - some people will be envious, some will be praising God, and some people will stare and then write a blog.)

Also, unless your congregation meets on the beach, it is absolutely unacceptable to take your shoes off during church. That is, unless you are taking off your GYM shoes, to throw them in the garbage.

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