Bushy Brows?

So, whenever I am home alone I watch stupid stuff on Hulu... (HH and I don't have a TV). He is out of town for a whole week, so that means Vivianne will be watching a whole week's worth of Real Housewives, Cougar Town and Lifetime. He hasn't even boarded his flight and I'm on my second Lifetime movie already! Nice. Great use of my time, I know.
This movie, (which is sure to be an Academy Award winner), is based in Amish country. My first thought, during the opening scene: Thank goodness I wasn't born in Amish country, look at their outfits. Friggin bonnets? Hat head every day? Hell no!
My second thought: Do Amish women pluck their eyebrows? Do any of my... reader... know the answer to this? How terrible for the brunette Amish girls especially! Right? I mean, do they groom any hair zone? I am just curious.

OK, back to my movie.


  1. Dear Vivi: You are funny. I think you should move to Pennsylvania and open up a bonnet shop. They are all neat freaks out there, so HH would be happy, too!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog , that was so kind of you. Have a great weekend:)

  3. I am SOOOO glad you stopped by my blog and commented because I am seriously in love with yours right now and I probably wouldn't have found you otherwise!!

    Here's what I know about the Amish (other than I saw Mennonites, which I sometimes call Amish Light at Dollywood) from my ex-hubby: they are not fans of plucking any facial hair and he may or may not have been served dinner by one that had a huge hair on a mole on her face that he couldn't stop staring at.

    When no one is home, I watch Hallmark movies. I've been known to especially enjoy the ones with John Schneider because Bo Duke will always be my first true love.

  4. Mole Hair= EW. Friggin EW. But thank you so much for your comment Candace!!

  5. Haha, I love how your mind works! Methinks the Amish are probably thanking God too, for you not being born to them..(wink)

    Seriously, you don't have a working telly?? Eeeeeeeeek, I would die (or burgle a neighbour for one) - sad, but true. How come you don't have a working telly? I can't believe you don't have a working telly. Okay, I'll shut up now.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hi V - just found you courtesy of the expat from hell - great little blog!!

    I believe Amish women do NOT pluck eyebrows nor shave underarms or legs... lucky for them Selma Hayek made the unibrow famous in her rendition of Frida a few years back...

    BTW - I'm your latest follower!

  7. Oh, too funny! You and I would make a great team critiquing these people who don't live the way we feel they should. Have they no sense of style? You can have hat hair and still be fabulous, right? Oh, maybe not. But good hair would take away the emphasis from the eyebrows...